Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Ready to Make a Difference?

Are you searching for ways to make a difference in your communities? Do you want to work on the issues you care about in a meaningful and rewarding way? Are you ready to build on your existing skills, experience, and passion to improve and advance communities within the Sauk Valley area? If your answer is yes, now is the best time for you to explore the Sauk Valley Community Leadership Program (SVCLP).

Leadership Comes from All Walks of Life

In today’s world, there is no longer just one type of leader or one type of leadership approach. The challenges facing our communities today require input and expertise from diverse voices including women, young people, senior citizens, people of different colors, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, and people with disabilities…just to name a few.

Because they developed from your personal experiences and passions, your leadership contributions will be unique. The SVCLP will help you sharpen your vision, build valuable community relationships, and gain confidence in your ability to affect change in your communities.

Becoming a Community Leader

The SVCLP is designed to engage and develop leaders within the Sauk Valley. It is the result of a collaboration between the Dixon Chamber of Commerce & Main Street, the Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce, the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, and Sauk Valley Community College.

While in the program, you will be guided through a 10-month skill-building curriculum, which not only touches on leadership topics like conflict resolution, personality types, and public speaking, but also introduces you to leaders sharing their love for their organizations and community. Your instructors will come from a variety of backgrounds and will lend their own unique and seasoned perspectives to your learning experience. 

Make the Leap

If you’ve visited this page and are still reading, you’ve already demonstrated the desire to make a significant difference in the lives of the people you see every day. We invite you to read further about the SVCLP program, submit your application for consideration, and begin your leadership journey.

The Sauk Valley Community Leadership Program is a leadership collaboration with:
Dixon Area Chamber of Commerce and IndustryRock Falls Chamber of CommerceSauk Valley Area Chamber of CommerceSauk Valley Community College